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Softwarezentrum Böblingen/Sindelfingen e.V.

Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 36
71034 Böblingen



Mr. Hans-Ulrich Schmid
Phone: +49 7031 714-700
Fax: +49 7031 714-705


The Böblingen/Sindelfingen Software Center offers German and foreign-based software companies the opportunity to work with each other, to assert themselves in their markets and to achieve exceptional growth.

The Software Center both leases ideally located office space and offers administrative and technical infrastructure, e.g. conference rooms,telephone systems and copy machines are jointly used. The areas of expertise of the various firms are presented in the Internet, where they can be accessed by customers. Moreover, reception and secretarial services guarantee mobility and accessibility.

The Software Center assists cooperation between firms, supports contact to other companies in the region and facilitates integration into branch networks.