• Kompetenzzentren-Initiative Region Stuttgart

    Die regionalen Kompetenz- und Innovationszentren moderieren den Dialog zwischen den verschiedenen Akteuren aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft und initiieren unternehmensnahe Kooperationen.

Competence and Innovation Center Initiative Stuttgart Region

In the future, a company's competitiveness will depend largely upon their willingness to co-operate with other companies, universities and/or research facilities.

Regional Competence and Innovation Centres support network creation and provide an instrument for economic development, which will assist even small and medium-sized companies to meet the challenges of global competition.

The Stuttgart Region plays an active role in the implementation of these regional networks and supports their set-up, daily management and the initiation of innovative projects among the involved partner institutions.

At present, ca. 450 enterprises (mostly small and medium sized companies), nearly 50 university institutes and research facilities as well as 15 towns and municipalities committed themselves to participate actively in the 14 Regional Competence and Innovation Centers of the Stuttgart Region.