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Mr. Martin Brandt
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Kornwestheim and the Stuttgart Region in general are known for their agglomeration of logistics experts. The Cooperation Centre Logistics (KLOK) networks the important people and organisations working in this field, thereby providing access to much innovative knowledge about the optimal use and control of logistical processes. This not only leads to considerable cost control advantages, but also to a reduction of commercial traffic and land use.

There are many good reasons for a logistics cooperation centre:

  • Logistics activities have a great effect on employment.
  • Logistics jobs for the most part will not be shifted to other countries.
  • Therefore, logistics jobs are more secure than industrial jobs.
  • For more demanding logistics activities, the required qualifications must be available.
  • Goods mobility is a precondition for a thriving economy and good consumption in Stuttgart’s conurbation.
  • Extent and organisation of goods transport is much less documented than passenger transport.
  • Traffic growth can only be controlled by knowing about the economic causes.
  • Traffic shift from road to rail is no sure-fire recipe for success.

The importance of such a centre was also appreciated by the EU. That is why 12 such centres in Europe (ENLoCC – European Network of Logistics Competence Centres) have been established based on the example of KLOK. KLOK runs the secretariat of this association.